The Red Witch Yachting Association (Inc.) is an active Class Association which organises a range of activities for its members including invitation races at various clubs, social activities and an annual Australian Championship.
This is the most affordable and accessible form of yacht racing and is very definitely not elitist! There are a wide range of abilities (some of the crews and helms have only 1 or 2 season's experience) and most that take part just enjoy being out on the water. There are those that take the racing just a little bit more seriously so if that's you then you'll also be in good company.

If you are interested in learning to sail or have always wanted to own a boat, you are now reading the right web page. You may already have a Red Witch and are interested in joining in with some of the Association events, you will always be welcome to join our fleet

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Above: Shenanigans skippered by Adam Uren . 1st Consistency 2012.


Below: Hydrowitch skippered by John Rayner. 1st Championship 2012.